Fashion and accessories merchants face unique payment challenges, some of which can make or break their success in a highly competitive environment.

Access to brands online means that businesses have to work harder than ever to deliver a perfect customer experience in order to capture customer loyalty. Achieving an optimal payment strategy is complicated due to various factors, including seasonality, fluctuation in approval rates, omnichannel complexities, refund and chargeback processes, and rising costs. Furthermore, in a world where fashion transcends borders, merchants may encounter cross-border payment complexities, such as currency conversions, alternative payment methods (APMs), and nuances in local payment strategies.

With CMSPI’s extensive experience in collaboration with some of the world’s largest fashion and accessory merchants, we are uniquely equipped to effectively benchmark performance across diverse payment profiles, channels, and regions. By leveraging the CMSPI Platform, our unparalleled data-lake, and industry expertise, we empower fashion and accessory retailers with insights and world-class strategies to effectively address their payment challenges, ensuring an optimal arrangement for merchants and a seamless global payment experience for customers.

Client Stories

Making Data Deliver eCommerce Growth for a Large International Apparel Retailer

Our team achieved significant cost savings and accelerated growth by harnessing the power of data through Smarter Payments Intelligence.

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Making Data Deliver Global Growth in the Fashion Industry

Our payments experts and the client partnered to harness the power of data to deliver Smarter Payments Intelligence.

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Our industry specialists

Kate Haller

VP, Payments Consulting

San Diego, CA

Kate is recognized in the industry for deep fashion, digital and QSR industry expertise.

Alex Ellwood

VP, Strategic Growth

Atlanta, GA

Alex is responsible for mapping out how CMSPI can better serve CMSPI’s Global 500 clients.

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