Merchants need to ensure that they accept the right payment types in the most productive way. This may sound straightforward, but understanding which payment methods are most effective, which suppliers to partner with, how to minimize friction and fraud, how to manage rising costs, and how to plan for the future all require complex decision-making. Moreover, this complexity is compounded by a rapidly changing and sometimes dysfunctional payments market, often influenced by too few competitors in many areas.

Even the largest merchants struggle to achieve the best results, and that’s where CMSPI comes in.

The Go-To Payments Advisors for Global 500 Merchants

As the world’s leading payments consultancy, we partner with hundreds of Global 500 merchants saving them millions every year. We collaborate with you and your partners to harness the power of data in order to maximize payments supply chain performance, all with the goal of increasing the profitability of every transaction.

Our team leverages a combination of specialist expertise, the CMSPI Platform, and unmatched market visibility to assist our clients in achieving high-impact savings, driving sales growth, and developing world-class payment strategies.

We deliver Smarter Payments Intelligence that keeps merchants ahead of the curve.


The CMSPI Platform is central to making data deliver. Our specialists utilize the proprietary analytics tool – which is powered by advanced machine learning – to unlock hidden inefficiencies, map optimal scenarios and tap into sophisticated benchmarks.


Through partnering with hundreds of enterprise merchants from different verticals every year, our specialists have access to a unique data-lake of transaction level insights across over a trillion in customer spend.


Our specialists have unmatched visibility of the ever-evolving market merchant payments landscape. This expertise, when combined with the CMSPI Platform and our unique data lake, empowers us to help even the most sophisticated payments teams amplify their results.

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