With ongoing economic uncertainties and rising inflation, Food, Drug, Mass, and Warehouse Clubs (FDMC) face increasing pressure to maximize profitability while delivering quality products and services to customers. In this context, discovering ways to increase approval rates or achieve savings within their payment strategies can significantly impact their bottom line. Through payment strategy optimization, FDMC retailers can reduce costs and enhance operational efficiency.

The payment landscape presents a complex challenge for FDMC retailers due to varying ticket values, payment types, government-issued cards, third-party delivery partnerships, and many other variables. Debit Routing is a crucial component of your strategy, but without the right insights and strategies, businesses often miss out on millions in potential value. These various factors have a cascading effect on each other. Furthermore, this complexity is exacerbated by the opacity of payment data and the lack of transparency across billions of transactions. As a merchant, it can be exceedingly challenging to optimize on your own.

CMSPI partners with many of the top grocers, mass, club, and drug stores worldwide. Our unique industry expertise, unparalleled data insights, and highly sophisticated analytical tools empower our specialists to identify inefficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer checkout experiences, and help FDMC merchants boost profitability while remaining at the forefront of the industry.

Client Stories

Making Data Deliver Ongoing Annual Savings for a Large FDMC Retailer

Working closely with our specialists, the top 100 retailer was able to maximize savings and stay ahead of the curve in an ever evolving payments market.

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CMSPI Secures Big Savings for a Leading Retail Grocer

By partnering with our payments experts, this leading grocery chain will achieve over $40m in savings through debit negotiations, PIN and PINless savings and processing cost reductions.

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Delivering High Impact Savings For A Prominent APAC Retailer

A prominent pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand, operating a substantial network of over 500 stores, was focused on maximizing their customer experience while maintaining the lowest transaction costs.

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Our industry specialists

Cameron Klingensmith

VP, Payments Consulting

Atlanta, GA

Cameron manages client delivery and success. He specializes in the gas and c-store industry.

Alex Ellwood

VP, Strategic Growth

Atlanta, GA

Alex is responsible for mapping out how CMSPI can better serve CMSPI’s Global 500 clients.

Latest Insights & Events

Blog June 6th 2022

Fee Changes, Inflation, and Ecommerce: How Can Grocers Fight Increasing Costs?

The recent Senate Judiciary Hearing on card fees and competition shined a light on the challenges grocers face with their costs.

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Blog September 16th 2020

Grocery Challenges and Pitfalls: The Importance of Keeping Your Payments Strategy Fresh

The last few months have been challenging for the grocery industry, with unexpected surges in volumes and fundamental changes to spending habits.

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Blog August 30th 2023

Estimates Show Upcoming Card Fee Hikes Could Cost U.S. Retailers Over $500 Million

Here, we break down the key changes that merchants need to prepare for in October 2023.

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