Every transaction is influenced by a multitude of characteristics that impact its cost and performance: payment partner strategy, BIN profile adjustments, regulations, customer preferences, vendor rules, the economic landscape, and many more. This list seems almost endless, and all of these factors are in a constant state of change as the payments landscape evolves.

This complexity and ever-changing market is why optimizations, partnerships, or pricing strategies recently implemented may no longer be optimal. It is incredibly challenging for merchants to consistently achieve optimal results on their own.

This is where CMSPI comes into play.

Deeper Insights,
Amplified Results.

Merchants can fine-tune their strategies based on their current knowledge but often lack visibility into untapped opportunities and how to comprehensively optimize every transaction. We utilize the CMSPI Data Lake to offer you, the merchant, and your partners deep and unparalleled insights into performance.

Fueled by trillions in consumer spend, it serves as a source of truth in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

Features granular insights on transaction characteristics and optimal performance sourced from hundreds of merchant partnerships.

Diverse and powerful insights from across payments partners, payment types, and regions.

How does it work?

We understand that no two merchants are alike. Traditional benchmarking only gets you part of the way there, but true performance optimization demands a different approach. Our experts delve into the CMSPI Data Lake, which contains trillions of data points from trillions in consumer spend, to craft strategies based on the myriad of characteristics influencing the cost of each transaction.

Step 1: Breakdown Your Payments Profile


We leverage the data from each of your transactions to create a comprehensive business profile.

Step 2: Replicate Your Transaction Characteristics


By employing anonymized data from the CMSPI Data Lake, we create an exact replica of your business’s transaction characteristics.

Step 3: Compare Performance


We conduct a comprehensive comparison between the multitude of transaction characteristics and their ideal counterparts, identify gaps, unlock hidden inefficiencies, and underperformance.

Step 4: Create Data-driven Strategies


Following this analysis, our specialists formulate strategic solutions to bridge these gaps, ensuring sustained optimal performance at the transaction level over time.

Step 5: Unlock Higher Performance Levels


Using these unique tools, our team helps you unlock an otherwise unattainable level of performance.

Client Stories

Making Data Deliver eCommerce Growth for a Large International Apparel Retailer

Our team achieved significant cost savings and accelerated growth by harnessing the power of data through Smarter Payments Intelligence.

Making Data Deliver Savings for a Multinational Digital Merchant

The partnership with our specialists has helped the company get ahead of the curve and stay ahead of the curve.

Delivering High Impact Savings For A Prominent APAC Retailer

A prominent pharmacy retailer in Australia and New Zealand, operating a substantial network of over 500 stores, was focused on maximizing their customer experience while maintaining the lowest transaction costs.

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