Case Studies

Making Data Deliver Savings for a Multinational Digital Merchant

The partnership with our specialists has helped the company get ahead of the curve and stay ahead of the curve.


A large, multinational ecommerce technology company offering a variety of internet services, consumer electronics, and other tech-based offerings engaged us to perform an extensive transaction level payments audit (including processing, interchange and network fees) to help them accelerate the achievement of their cost-saving goals.

Key Achievements

  • $9 million in savings opportunities identified after a CMSPI audit
  • Accurate, optimized, and market-leading arrangements implemented
  • Successfully managed multiple complex supplier relationships

The Challenge

As a digital-first business, the client was struggling with a range of challenges specific to online-only sales, including: domiciliation and cross border complexities, inter vs intra-regional fee breakdowns, and international interchange & scheme fee transparency.

In addition, the client was also juggling multiple acquirer relationships – leading to inconsistent reporting across regions and a lack of visibility across their business units.

The Solution

Our expert team worked with the client’s payment acceptance partners to create consistent and accurate reporting across different regions, MIDs, and suppliers – allowing them to harness the power of data and implement impactful changes.

By leveraging our specialist expertise, the CMSPI Platform (which uses machine learning to harness the power of our data-lake – containing over a trillion data points representing over a trillion in consumer spend), the client achieved much deeper visibility into complex, opaque fees.

The Results

Our experts identified discrepancies in fee charges amounting to over $9 million in savings opportunities for the client, including some historical rebates. The partnership with us has given the client peace of mind that their arrangements are not only accurate and optimized – but also market-leading. The increased visibility into exactly what was charged, and understanding of how the fees were then applied to each transaction were key to achieving significant savings.

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