Due to ever-increasing fees, rule changes, shifting consumer demands, and a constantly evolving market, merchants encounter a web of complexity while striving to achieve significant cost savings and a seamless purchasing experience.

In addition to coping with a dynamic market, Global 500 merchants also grapple with a multitude of challenges in their payments supply chain, including fee transparency, data gathering, benchmarking, reporting, and more. This complexity makes it incredibly challenging for payments, treasury, and finance teams to truly maximize payments performance.

That’s where CMSPI comes in.

How we help you.

Our experts work as an extension to your team –
utilizing a blend of powerful analytics, unique data
insights, and specialist expertise – to define strategies
that deliver impactful, immediate, and ongoing cost savings.

We seamlessly ingest information into the CMSPI Platform
and compare it against a unique data lake of trillions in
consumer spend to deliver granular, transaction level insights.
We help you unlock hidden inefficiencies, enhance strategies,
and amplify your teams’ results.

Forensic Audit


We perform a deep forensic audit of your transactions, unraveling complex fee structures to quickly identify hidden inefficiencies and ensure you’re not overpaying. We pinpoint opportunities to achieve both historic and ongoing savings.

Routing Strategies


Our unique insights, deep data lake, and the CMSPI Platform allows our specialists to map out optimized scenarios, drive impactful improvements to your routing set-up, and keep you in an optimal position amidst an ever-changing payments market.

Network Partnerships & Incentives


Our routing specialists utilize unique data insights taken from our data-lake of trillions in consumer spend. We work with you and your supply chain partners to maximize the value of your incentive packages, SLA’s and contracts, and future-proof your arrangements.

Interchange Optimization


From downgrades and data rates to MCC optimization, there are countless ways to optimize the highly expensive interchange fees that flow through to your invoices. Our experts help you uncover those opportunities and drive high-impact savings.

Alternative Payments Methods


Our experts help you consider complexities including: the customers’ purchasing experience, new customer acquisition, cost, impact on current payments mix, and performance. We equip you with the data insights and expertise to make educated decisions.

International Transactions


Taking payments between countries, or from international consumers, is often expensive. We help you untangle the complexity of FX margins and application, cross border fees, and DCC, utilizing sophisticated intelligence tools and benchmarks to ensure you aren’t overpaying for international transactions.

Partner Selection & Performance


We leverage our live and active market experience, unique data insights, and unrivaled visibility of the payments landscape to empower you to make to best partner selection decisions for your business. Our experts professionally manage RFP/RFIs, as well as leading incumbent negotiations.

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Kate Haller

VP, Payments Consulting

San Diego, CA

Kate is recognized in the industry for deep fashion, digital and QSR industry expertise.

Sam Appleby

Director, Business Development

Manchester, UK

Sam has over 20 years’ experience in the payments industry and works with merchants across the globe.

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Our Process

Our process is designed to deliver high-impact savings immediately and on an ongoing basis, with low resource requirements from you.

It’s simple and seamless to partner with CMSPI – and you retain executive control at all times. Our commercial terms also reflect our commitment to driving a positive impact – we operate on a share of value delivered model, which means we share in successes.

Deep Dive

We seamlessly ingest your payments data and information into the CMSPI Platform, compare and benchmark against trillions in global consumer spend, and quickly identify inefficiencies, overpayment, and underperformance.


Armed with a deep understanding of your payments data, we collaborate with your team to define short-, mid-, and long-term data-driven initiatives. You decide which initiatives to go ahead.


Whether its achieving rebates, RFP management, or fine tuning your payments set-up, our hands-on specialists are actively engaged with you and your payments partners to deliver high-impact immediate and ongoing savings.

The CMSPI Platform: Making Data Deliver Savings

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