Dozens of data points are collected for every single transaction that merchants accept from their customers, including payment type, card category, transaction values, risk levels, network availability, transaction channel type, authorization amounts, settlement, and more. When you multiply these data points across extensive transaction sets, the sheer volume of data can quickly become overwhelming.

Making data deliver amid an ever-changing and highly complex market is key to maximizing payment supply chain performance.

Making Data

The CMSPI Platform, equipped with advanced
machine learning capabilities, empowers our team
to seamlessly process extensive data sets,
utilize sophisticated benchmarks, compare data
points from trillions in customer spending,
and quickly identify inefficiencies and opportunities.

Powerful Analytics, Amplified Results.

Fueled by a unique data-lake sourced from all areas of the payment supply chain, the CMSPI Platform enables our specialists to develop world-class strategies for Global 500 merchants that deliver unparalleled results. Here’s how:

Ingesting payments data seamlessly.

Harmonizing complex data-sets across payments partners.

Utilizing advanced machine learning to unlock hidden inefficiencies.

Tapping into exclusive insights & benchmarks powered by trillions in consumer spend.

Producing optimal transaction level PIN & PINless routing scenarios.

Pinpointing opportunities to boost approval rates.

Defining data-driven strategies that achieve best-in-market results.

Optimizing over time with continuous transaction level analysis.

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