In today’s fast-paced, digital-driven dining landscape, Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), restaurants, and catering businesses face a multitude of complex payment-related challenges.

The surge in digital orders, changing customer preferences, and contactless in recent years has further complicated matters, requiring merchants to adapt to various emerging customer payment preferences. This is compounded by the complexity of managing multiple checkout experiences, rising and opaque fees, and all the while, managing strategies across fragmented franchisee estates. So, how can merchants determine the most cost-effective payment setup as the industry continues to evolve?

Through the utilisation of our proprietary data lake, the CMSPI Platform, and our expertise, CMSPI offers Smarter Payments Intelligence. This empowers you – the merchant -with the transparency, insights, and world-class strategies required to maximise the performance of their payments supply chain. CMSPI has a track record of assisting leading QSRs in achieving significant savings and growth while providing their customers with a faster and more convenient experience.

Client Stories

CMSPI Reduces Chargebacks For Multi-Brand Restaurant Group Resulting in High Savings

Our experts provided visibility on the true impact of fraud and chargebacks, as well as inefficiencies in the current set up.

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San Diego, CA

Kate is recognized in the industry for deep fashion, digital and QSR industry expertise.

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