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March 07th 2023

Elior Partners with CMSPI on Cost Optimisation

Elior, award-winning catering organisation based out of the UK, partnered with CMSPI to build a data-driven payments strategy designed to reduce costs and deliver innovative payment solutions that enhance the customer experience.

Elior is one of the UK’s leading contract caterers, operating across a diverse range of sectors including business & industry, city, stadia, public sector, healthcare and education. 

With the rising importance, and cost of digital payments, Elior sought expert advisers to ensure they were driving the most value out of their current set-up.

After executing an agreement, CMSPI compared and benchmarked Elior’s information against its unique data-lake of billions of transactions and trillions of data points. Using its proprietary platform, CMSPI’s consultants were able to uncover various areas for cost optimisation. Further, using data from global 500 merchants’ they were able to untangle the underlying complexity of Elior’s scheme fees, identifying areas to negotiate and optimise.

“CMSPI’s input has been invaluable – we had highly competitive rates, but, they enabled us to drive cost savings we simply couldn’t access ourselves due to market visibility and their data capabilities. Any merchant looking to optimize their payments costs should work with CMSPI – they’re truly the payments experts.”

Elior UK