Blog May 3rd 2022

How Do U.S. Card Fees Compare Internationally?

U.S. credit card interchange fees – which average 1.80% based on CMSPI estimates - are some of the highest in the world.¹

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Callum Godwin

Chief Economist

Compared to other countries and regions around the globe, there are distinct differences in the U.S. that contribute to this trend.

In Europe, for example, consumer credit cards are regulated so fees are capped at 0.30% per transaction.² China and Australia have similar regulations resulting in average credit card interchange rates of 0.45%³ and 0.50%⁴ respectively. In Canada, while no regulation is in place regarding credit card fees, Visa, Mastercard have agreed to limit their fees on average to 1.40%⁵. In the U.S., there are no fee constraints, voluntary card network agreements, or network routing competition on credit cards, making U.S. credit card interchange fees some of the highest in the world.

International Interchange Fees



1 Utilizing the Nilson Report and CMSPI methodology of isolating interchange fees from total merchant fees paid.
2, Article 4

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