Blog February 9th 2023

The Attack on Merchant Debit Savings Summary

CMSPI estimates that merchants and consumers will save big - $3 billion each year, collectively - as a result of the Federal Reserve's card-not-present (CNP) debit clarification, effective July 2023.

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Christian Johnson

Senior Manager, Global Advocacy Manager

For large businesses accepting card payments, there could be significant seven-figure annual savings available as a savings opportunity once centered around brick-and-mortar finally expands to digital payments, but as demonstrated in the years following the Durbin amendment, the global networks will play along with regulatory requirement, but routing-based savings don’t come easily.

While merchants are still dealing with some of the initial debit threats challenges today, there’s a concern that the initial attack on debit will have a sequel in the lead up to the July 2023 deadline.

Read below to learn more about the PINless debit routing opportunity and the prescient threats.

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The Attack on Merchant Debit Savings Summary

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