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Payments Intelligence is the only publication solely focused on analysing the payments industry from a merchants perspective – bringing you news, insight and opinion from around the globe.

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Payments Intelligence March 2020

Topics: Approvals | SCA Deadline | Fashion Industry

We take a look at approvals and declines - and why it's costing merchants billions every year.

Payments Intelligence November 2019

Topics: IFR 2.0 | Scheme Fees | Hospitality Industry

We investigate the European Commission's IFR review and how scheme fees have affected merchants to date.

Payments Intelligence September 2019

Topics: Cashless | Friction | Alternative Payments

We explore the cashless revolution sweeping across Europe and key issues to consider.

Payments Intelligence March 2019

Topics: Brexit | PSD2 | Inter-regional Fees

We take a deep dive into the possible repercussions of Brexit for merchants in both the UK and Europe.

Payments Intelligence December 2018

Topics: WeChat & Alipay | Cost of Change

Are WeChat and Alipay about to rock the boat in Europe?

Payments Intelligence October 2018

Topics: Future of Payments | Scheme Fees

The challenge of concocting the perfect payments mix - how merchants can prepare for the future

Payments Intelligence May 2018

Topics: IPRF | Regulation | Interchange Reform

This edition highlights the importance of collaboration in the industry if a better payments landscape is on the horizon.

Payments Intelligence January 2018

Topics: Scheme Fees | ATMs | Chinese APMs

The latest scheme fees increases signal a continued uphill battle for merchants.

Payments Intelligence November 2017

Topics: PSD2 | Cash in Germany | Tourism

The countdown is on for Europe's PSD2 regulation deadline - are you prepared?

Payments Intelligence June 2017

Topics: Litigation | OLV | Global Interchange

We investigate the significance of the interchange litigation battle between Mastercard and Arcadia & Ors.

Payments Intelligence March 2017

Topics: VocaLink Acquisiton | Litigation | PSR

In this issue we look at the Sainsbury's vs Mastercard litigation case and explain why merchants need to be careful.