Payments Intelligence Magazine – September Edition (2019)

09th September 2019
Callum Godwin
Callum Godwin

About the Magazine:

Payments Intelligence is the only publication solely focused on analysing the payments industry from a merchant perspective. In this special cash-focused edition, we take a look at the cash industry, the cashless question, and how merchants should prepare for a changing payments landscape.

Featured Articles Include:

  • Is This the Dawn of the Cashless Era?
  • The War on Friction – Why Cash Must Evolve
  • The Balance Act of Merchants – Why It Isn’t All Simply Cash vs. Cards
  • Payments Talk Interview with YO! Sushi CFO

Featured Articles Include

The Dawn of the Cashless Era

The true meaning of cashless, and the future of payments.

Cash Around the World

How do other countries across the globe deal with cash?

The War on Friction

We explore why cash must evolve in order to survive.

The Balancing Act of Merchants

Why it's not all simply cash vs. cards.

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