Cash Services

CMSPI can breakdown your current cost of cash and confidentially benchmark each component against our extensive client base and industry knowledge, specific to your industry.

The actual cost of a merchants’ cash arrangements is virtually impossible for any individual merchant to calculate. With so many factors, internal teams and supplier touch points to consider, all working in conjunction with each other, it can be a complex task to accurately breakdown and optimise your cash supply chain.

How can you consider optimising your cash in transit schedule  without having a true understanding of the risk and cash flow profile for each site; likewise, how can you successfully negotiate with your suppliers when you don’t have visibility of the service level capabilities they can offer your network or the additional benefits they achieve from adding your sites to their route maps? These questions, and more, must be looked at simultaneously in order to get a complete picture of your cash supply chain.

CMSPI can breakdown your current cost of cash and confidentially benchmark each component against our extensive client base and industry knowledge, specific to your sector. We then use our proprietary software suite, Pinpoint:Cash, to assess current arrangements – providing visibility and analysis into the savings and opportunities for efficiency at each site in your network.

Benefits of working with CMSPI

Advice & guidance

Unparalleled insights, advice and guidance on your cash arrangements.

Minimal resource

You keep all executive control but we require minimal resource from you.

Customised solutions

We deliver bespoke. future-proofed, client-focused solutions.


Transparency of underlying costs and supplier margins and accurate benchmarking.

Areas of our cash services include:

Cash in Transit Scheduling

With over 127 different options available and many critical variables for each individual store in your network, have you assessed your CIT pickups on a site-by-site basis?

Cash in Transit Pricing

Are not only your prices, but the overall services provided by your supplier in-line with your peers? We provide an Independent review of current arrangements.

Cash Management Optimisation (i.e. cash recycling)

Cash recycling can dramatically reduce the need for change orders and deliveries across your estate. Have you accurately assessed the risk, cost, and internal resource required?

Cash Office Technology

Does the cost benefit analysis stack up for any or all parts of your estate? CMSPI can provide an independent view as to which model could yield the optimal solution.


Do you have full visibility of the distance your employees must travel, and the cost vs. risk involved, to deposit cash in a walk to bank scenario?

Cash Processing

Do you fully understand the factors, within your control, that make up the total cost to you and your supplier(s) of processing your cash?

Being locked within a long-term & rigid contract, we were unaware that significant savings could be achieved through CMSPI’s review and recommendations on our USA cash collection costs. Following the project completion, I have to admit I was surprised at how much CMSPI were able to do, mid-contract, and we are really delighted with the results they achieved for us. We have some significant cost reductions without us having to make any major changes operationally or with supplier relationships.

Stephane Derive | Aldo
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