Our Upcoming Events and Why We’re Excited – An Interview with Alex Ellwood

02nd January 2019
Alex Ellwood
Alex Ellwood
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We caught up with VP of Marketing, Alex Ellwood, to talk about CMSPI’s upcoming events and why 2019 promises to be one of the most exciting years for CMSPI-hosted events yet.

Why are you and your team so excited about 2019’s event?

We’re excited to build on the success we had last year at our events. We’ll be hosting the Merchant Cash Management Forum, as well as our Merchant Card Acceptance Forum in 2019! We organize all of our events with the merchant perspective in mind and a big driving question underlying these events is: will merchants leave this event with actionable learnings?

The payments industry is so dynamic. On the one hand it makes it an exciting industry to be part of, but the other side of that is that it is very complex. We want to eliminate some of that complexity through our educational events!

What are the key topics you’ll be discussing in each of next year’s events?

The key theme for both of our major events this year is change! Things are changing quickly in the payments industry and merchants who fail to adapt and remain at the forefront could lose out on hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars a year. We will be hosting two major events in 2019 – one focused on cash management and innovation in the industry, the other on the card market and the opportunities available with debit routing.

The cash industry has experienced a huge amount of change in a very short amount of time and merchants are struggling to keep up. We’ve seen massive mergers and acquisitions, extensive bank branch closures and rising fixed costs across all sectors. The Merchant Cash Management Forum 2019 will explore these issues! We’ll be focusing heavily on innovation, calculating your true cost of cash, and navigating new technologies across the industry.

Merchants all know that the card industry is complex. Within those complexities are huge opportunities for merchants who get their arrangements right – especially in the debit market. Our event will unravel some of those complexities and provide actionable insights into how to save money, drive better customer engagement and create a debit solution that’s right for you and your customers. We’ll also be discussing the rising costs associated with card acceptance – a key theme for 2019. 

At CMSPI we are firm believers that open and honest discussions are crucial to improving the payments industry. Collaboration – whether that be peer-to-peer discussions, engaging with your supply chain, or learning lessons from international merchants – is so important for the merchant community. It’s our pleasure to bring together merchants, payments professionals and key supply chain stakeholders into one room and provide real actionable insights for attendees.

Alex Ellwood | VP of Marketing

Why are CMSPI events unique?

We really pride ourselves on providing a top-notch agenda with incredible guest speakers at all of our events. Last year, we were thrilled to partner with representatives from Walmart, Gap, The Federal Reserve and Amazon for example, and this year we’ll be continuing this! Another reason our events are unique is that they aren’t flooded with suppliers. Non-merchants are there on an invite-only basis, which provides merchants with an open forum to share ideas and learnings.

What would you say to any merchant considering attending?

Get in touch and lets have a chat about whether either, or both, of these events are right for you and your business! Our events are truly unique in the industry so I believe that all merchants will get value from attending. I’d encourage everyone to read more  about each of the events, using the following links:

Merchant Card Acceptance Forum: www.merchantcardforum.com
Merchant Cash Management Forum: www.cashmanagementforum.com

These events are free of charge for all merchants and we are always open to incorporating the topics and issues that are most important to the merchant community. I can be reached at aellwood@cmspi.com or give me a call at +1 (470) 582 0100.

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