Payments Intelligence Magazine – Summer Edition (2017)

06th June 2017
Matthew Shaw
Matthew Shaw

About the magazine:

Payments Intelligence is a quarterly magazine distributed by payments experts, CMSPI. It is the only publication solely focused on looking at the payments industry from a merchants perspective.

In this issue:

In this issue, we look at the challenges facing the US cash industry. As cash volumes decline and base costs rise, merchant pricing will undoubtedly be affected. Also featuring is our review of interchange regulation across the globe, why have some jurisdictions regulated successfully but the Durbin amendment continues to cause merchants headaches?

Featured articles:

  • Cash in the USA – what’s next?
  • Why free market economics and interchange regulation are not mutually exclusive
  • Interchange fees: why some jurisdictions have regulated successfully, but most haven’t
  • Payments Talk with Mark Horwedel, Merchant Advisory Group, CEO

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