White Paper – Transactional Routing – 10 Key Issues Impacting Debit Routing (IPRF)

10th October 2018
Callum Godwin
Callum Godwin

About This White Paper:

We highlight 10 key issues impacting debit routing in the U.S. today and what merchants and regulators should do about them. Written by the International Payments Regulation Forum, with analysis from CMSPI, this white paper identifies the main issues which have been identified relating to debit routing that limit the effectiveness of policies such as no network exclusivity. We take a look at processor routing solutions, EMV, Secure Remote Commerce, reverse competition, and more, as well as offering remedies for merchants and regulators.

Contents Include:

  • A summary of the ten main issues
  • Remedies, what merchants and regulators can do
  • What are the issues and why?
  • The importance of routing
  • How would these remedies reduce MSC bills?


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