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Monthly Townhall - Payments Insights & Trends for Merchant Advocates

The CMSPI Monthly Townhall is a virtual forum designed to bring awareness of the key issues, trends & analysis to trade bodies, merchant advocates and retailers.


CMSPI’s Retail Payments Townhall is a monthly virtual forum focused on payments acceptance – created by enterprise merchants, to discuss key challenges, trends & opportunities with the backdrop of CMSPI’s data & analytics. 

This quarter, it's time for merchants to take arms in the attack on debit. Join us to find out why debit has been under fire, how merchants are faring, and what the networks themselves think of the fight.


January 25th 

"The Attack on Debit"

While the Durbin Amendment provided significant relief from debit fees, a quiet war on those savings has been raging ever since. Between growing network fees, evolving interchange fees, penalties, tokenization, and tied-in services, the attack on debit is reaching an apogee. From big checks to contract best practices, we ask how merchants can navigate seemingly impossible battlegrounds.


February 22nd

Panel: How Prepared is the Industry for Online PINless Debit?

Is the industry ready to scale PINless online? What challenges do domestic networks and acquirers foresee? Join CMSPI for an update with industry stakeholders to discuss readiness for the July 2023 issuer enablement deadline, as well as challenges and opportunities with PINless deployments.


March 29th

Digital Payments, Rough Seas Ahead

With a pullback on ecommerce growth and downturns in spending forecastedmerchants are using this time to regroup – many with an eye to cost cutting to avoid recessionary pressures. At the same time, however, suppliers seeing slashed valuations are hungrier than ever for profitability. From worsening pricing terms to settlement timescales, how are merchants aligning their arrangements with slowing ecommerce volumes? And how can they keep customers happy today? Join CMSPI as we provide payments strategies for smooth sailing in the next quarter.


How to Register

The forum will take place on the last Wednesday of each month at 12 – 1pm EST.

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