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Monthly Townhall - Payments Insights & Trends for Merchant Advocates

The CMSPI Monthly Townhall is a virtual forum designed to bring awareness of the key issues, trends & analysis to trade bodies, merchant advocates and retailers.






CMSPI’s Retail Payments Townhall is a monthly virtual forum focused on payments acceptance – created by enterprise merchants, to discuss key challenges, trends & opportunities with the backdrop of CMSPI’s data and analytics. 

The Credit Card Competition Act Reintroduced: A $15bn opportunity for merchants & consumers

June 28th | 12PM EST

On June 7th, 2023, The Credit Card Competition Act was reintroduced in Congress, shaking up the credit card industry and bringing the hope of a new era of savings for merchants. Join CMSPI’s Townhall on June 28th as our experts explore the implications of this game-changing legislation and its significance for your business.

In this one-hour session, we will discuss:

• Why the act could potentially reshape the payments landscape
• How it will impact merchants
• What it will mean for your incentive deals
• What it will mean for banks

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