Our People & Leadership

As collaborative partners, we bring energy, curiosity, and expertise to all of our partnerships. We are proud of our talented professionals and exceptional cadre of leaders who demonstrate that they’re passionate not only about our business, but about the people in it, and the clients we serve.


Cameron Klingensmith

VP, Payments Consulting

Atlanta, GA

Robbie MacDiarmid

VP, Payments Consulting

Sydney, Australia

Callum Godwin

Chief Economist

Atlanta, GA

Sam Appleby

Director, Business Development

Manchester, UK

CJ Brown

Director, Ecommerce & Digital Solutions

Atlanta, GA

Maximilian Fuchs

Manager, Payments Consultant

Düsseldorf, Germany

Jing Leung

Director, Payment Analytics

San Diego, CA

Dan Luehm

Director, Transaction Routing Optimization

San Diego, CA

Timo Pauget

Director, Payments Consulting

Düsseldorf, Germany

Angela Grunte

Head of Network, Acquirer and Gateway Relationships

Seattle, WA

Mike Caris

Chief of Staff

Manchester, UK

Jeff Spangler

VP, Business Development

Harrisburg, PA

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